The distribution channels or booking channels that hotels invest in can have a significant bearing on their revenue management strategy, and on their overall success. These days many hotels receive more bookings from booking channels than offline travel agents.

A channel manager connects property management system directly with the booking channels. When a guest makes a reservation on your website or any of your connected channels, the channel manager will automatically update your property’s availability on the other sites and block the dates this way managing your inventory without you having to do anything.

I connect you to channel managers and take your property global receiving bookings from travellers all over the world.  I will recommend the best channels for your property so that you can start receiving booking straight away!

Channel Manager Connections:
  • Setup channel connections
  • Setup Paperwork with Channel Managers
  • Setup rates and images on each channel
  • Connect to your Booking Tool
Channel Manager Updating:
  • Refresh your channel connections –, Expedia, Haroo, AGODA, CTrip etc
  • Update new images
  • Update and refresh property information and content
  • Check all information is correct
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